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Special Issue : National Conference on Emerging Trends: Innovations and Challenges in IT

Cover Page

  A critical study of ICT implementation in selected Banks

Dr. A. V. Nikam

  A study of attractive android apps and its threatening security issues

Prof. Mahesh Sawant & Prof. Rakhi Sonawane

  Analytical study of Domain Name System, its disputes and legal issues

Prof. Vandana Kadam

  IDS based security approach in grid computing environment

Prof. Dashrath Mane

  Web Mining Techniques, Process and Applications in E-Commerce

Prof. Rajesh R. Gawali & Dr. Shivaji D. Mundhe

  Data Stage Accelerator

Prof. Dhanamma Jagli & Prof. Sangita Oswal

  Green computing A new awakening for campus

Prof. Nikita Mangaonkar, Prof. Sudarshan Sirsat & Prof. Sunny Nahar

  Intelligent learning systems – An automated data mining approach

Prof. Omprakash Mandge

  The unified process for network vulnerability assessment

Prof. Dhanamma Jagli & Prof. Shaheen Shaik

  Data mining applications in Higher Education

Dr. K. M. Alaskar, Prof. A A Basade & Prof. Prashant Tandale

  Insight into exemplary work of RFID system expending ZigBee: Compact to Crossover

Prof. Deepa Manoj & Prof. Naina Tekchandani

  Cognitive Radio Spectrum sensing & radio resource management using a game theory approach

Prof. Harshali Patil & Dr. Seema Purohit

  An Empirical Analysis on Performance Evaluation of Decision Support System (DSS) in Business Process Reengineering

Prof. Bechoo Lal & Dr. Chandrahauns R. Chavan

  E-Banking: customers perception in India

Prof. Manish Dubey & Prof. Pratibha Deshmukh

  Green Computing Technologies towards the development of ICT : A Critical study

Prof. Priya Chandran & Dr. Vaishali Patil

  Feature based opinion mining: An overview

Prof. Milind Meshram

  Green Computing: An Integrated Approach to Cloud Computing Architecture

Prof. Ms.Ujwala Kawade & Prof. Smita Kapse

  m-Learning: Trends in Education

Prof. Varsha Sharma, Prof. Jyoti Kharade & Prof. Milind Kadam

  Signature then encryption towards a new paradigm of security

Prof. Pooja Kadam & Prof. Divya Premchandran

  Importance of soft skills in the employability of IT students

Prof. Ritu Goswami

  Attribute and value extraction in classification in data mining

Prof. Sharayu Karandikar

  Color and shape based image retrieval

Prof. Rohit Lad & Prof. S.A. Pardeshi

  Fuzzy enhanced TCP vegas for congestion control

Prof. Deepa Jose

  Green computing: An essential trend for secure future for congestion control

Prof. Samiksha Suryawanshi & Prof. Monica Chavan

  Historical analysis to improve the efficiency of police department

Prof. Archana Mulik & Prof. H. N. Renushe

  ICT powers to fight learning disability in school children: literacy software solution to struggling reader

Prof. Chaitali Gadekar & Prof. Pushpendu Rakshit

  A study of preventive approach of ICT for Women’s security

Prof. Aarti Kalani , Prof. Rakhi Sonawane & Prof. Mahesh Sawant

  SLA- Based resource allocation system in cloud computing

Ms. Ashwini Paygude,Ms. Sonali Deshmukh,Mr. Chetan Ghumare,Mr. Nilesh Korpad & Prof. P. M. Mane

  Web usage mining and knowledge discovery

Prof. Madhuri Badgujar & Prof. Arti Mane

  Data security in Cloud Computing: Major concerns and implications

Prof. Shubhangi Shinde & Dr. Vinay Chavan

  Algorithmic trading- Rise of machines on the trade floor

Prof. Aseema Dake

  FOSS: Challenges and Opportunities

Prof. Prashant Keravadekar

  Cloud computing: Analysis of data security in cloud environment

Prof. Darshana Pedge & Prof. Vinayak Patil

  A study of prototype model in the rule based expert system for the management of mealy bugs in grape crop

Prof. S. K. Jadhav & Dr.R. D. Kumbhar

  A conceptual study of the genetics of leukemia: an advanced data mining approach

Prof. Krishna Priya, Prof. Rahul Mahakal, Prof. Poonam sawant & Dr. Shivaji Mundhe

  What is cloud computing Advantages and Disadvantages

Miss. Padmavati Lakde & Miss. Vaishali Hirlekar

  Proposed method for classification of learning disable students using artificial neural network and decision tree

Mr. Anand Upadhyay , Dr. S. K. Singh, Prof. Varsha Turkar, Prof. Omkar Singh

  Data Mining in decision support system

Ms. Nancy Newton & Dr.Sapna Singh

  A study of impact of ICT implementation on development of teachers ICT skills

Dr. R. D. Kumbhar, Prof Abhijit Desai & Prof. Prasanna Rasal

  Embedded web server

Prof. Sonali Tarlekar

  Leveraging digital technology for bridging the gap between academia and industry

Dr. Ajit More & Prof. Swati Desai

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