Alumni Team

Our Vision is to nurture an alumni community where each and every member feels connected with the alma mater and with each member of the BVIMSR family.
  • Ensuring that the alumni community is well connected
  • Ensuring that our alumni feel a sense of belonging to the alma mater
  • Establishing and sustaining a link between the alumni and the current students
  • Creating a culture of participation so that students outside the team can also contribute to its objectives

Alumni members in collaboration with the institute, conduct the Alumni Meet (YAADEIN) once in a year to build the network and help each other. Alumni actively participate in discussions for providing inputs to the institute regarding summer internships and final placements. They regularly visit campus and share their experience of their respective organization and help the existing students in knowing the reality of the world of work. Alumni’s also contribute by experience sharing and giving guest lectures frequently to the present batches.

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