ISSN: 0976 - 4739

JULY, 2009

In This Issue :

  Challenges and Issues in Human Resource Management in Fast Food Industry

Kavitha Venkatachari

  From Social Capital to Social Profits: Discourses on Corporate Ethics, Governance, Choices and Values

Dr Prasenjit Maiti

  Impact of TV Advertising on Buying Behaviour of Rural and Urban Teenagers

Dr. Vinod Kumar Bishnoi and Ruchi Sharma

  Rating Methodologies: A Diagnosis of Corporate Defaults

Dr. K. Viyyanna Rao and A. Maruthi Varaprasad

  Competency Mapping – A strategic Approach in Talent Management

Rama Srivastava and Sheela Bhargava

  Factors Affecting Perception of Investors towards Mutual Funds

Dr Neha Parashar

  Financial Performances of Indian New Private and Public Sector Banks

Roopak Kumar Gupta and Ekta Sikarwar

  Estimating Level of Consumer Involvement and Relationship among Its Key Indicators

Sapna Solanki and Priyanka Mokshmar

  Customer Loyalty Programs: Enlarging the Customer Base for Indian Retailers

Dr Sumita Dave and Shikha Sondhi

  Maximize Potential – Use Emotional Intelligence

Dr Anjana Sen

  Consumers’ Attitudes towards Spiritual Quest of Religious Channels on Television in Delhi/NCR Region

Anagha Shukre

  Can Customer-Centric E-Business System Help the Indian Railways

Ruby Selwyn and Dr. N Thangavel

 Impact of Supply Chain Quality Management on Competitive Advantage and Organizational Performance

Gyaneshwar Singh Kushwaha and Deepak Barman

 Comparison of International Entrepreneurship of Germany and India

Abu Hena Reza Hasan

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